" Let the creative mind transpires into your personalized website. The contents of your sites are your invitations to get to know your business or as a person. " ~ @EarlaRiopel

 About the site

  • This site is about collecting data, knowledge, training and learning from own experience and others.  

  • Have always been fascinated with social media and building websites. Also, how these great tools help to enhance knowledge learned from school, work, sports and other everyday events.  

  • It's great to have the knowledge and be able to share it with others; through a well-branded website.  It makes it easier to get to know your business or as an individual. Writing about your business is the key in promoting your business and talent you may have. 

  • If you are busy running your business and don't actually need a full-time web designer employee, but require website contents, I might be able to help you. 

Thanks for visiting this site.

Earla Riopel, BSCom (USA), DipAcc (UBC)
Email: earla@earlariopel.com

Surrey, BC, Canada